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Taffeta is a kind of high-grade silk fabric, which is made of plain spring sub-woven fabric. 

The warp yarn is made of double twisting, and the weft yarn is made of single twisting silk. 

It is the closely-knit fabric with high density on the ground of plain weave.

Taffeta is characterized by fine and smooth surface, flat and beautiful, good gloss, tight fabric, 

firm handle, but easy to produce permanent crease after wrinkle. Therefore, should not fold and 

heavy pressure, commonly used drum packaging. 

Taffeta varieties, according to the use of raw materials: silk taffeta, double silk taffeta, cotton

 interwoven taffeta, silk taffeta, rayon taffeta, polyester taffeta, and so on. According to the weaving 

process, there are plain taffeta, flash taffeta, striped taffeta, jacquard taffeta, and so on. Plain taffeta 

silk is woven with a single color of dyed filaments, flash taffeta silk is made of different colors of warp 

and weft silk, the flash effect is formed after weaving into fabric, and striped taffeta silk is arranged in 

regular intervals by using different colors of warp silk and condensed silk. The jacquard taffeta, short 

for taffeta, is raised on the plain ground of plain taffeta and weaves satin warp flowers. 

Taffeta is compact, smooth, firm, bright in color and soft and bright in color. It is not easy to touch ash. 

Mainly used for women's spring, autumn clothing, holiday dress, down jacket fabric and so on.

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