What Is The Concept Of Flower Packaging Design

- Apr 01, 2018 -

With the development of flower gift industry, many festivals or friends birthday we will buy a bouquet of flowers to each other performance wishes. A bouquet of handsome flowers can send wishes and can increase the atmosphere, however, the choice of flowers is not only to pay attention to the flower also choose good packaging. So, what is the idea of flower packaging design? Below the Chinese flower net answers for you.

Literally speaking, the term "packaging" is a juxtaposition structure, "package" that is, "pack" that is, decoration, packaging means that the goods wrapped, decorated.

The function of packaging design is always the first. No matter how the design is designed to cope with its concise criteria, consistent with ergonomic structure, resulting in a product safety, user-friendly packaging.

Opportunity: Gifts not only to choose carefully, but also the opportunity to consider gifts. The normal situation is to join the serious traditional festivals, such as Spring Festival, New Year and so on. Other, the communication tool encounters the difficulty, the twists and turns, in the prosperity, also may bestow the gift to show the console or the encouragement.

Packaging: Gifts for others, especially in the formal place to give gifts, normal to seriously stop packaging. That is, a special paper wrapped gift, or the gift into a special box, bottle. Packaging flowers and gifts, not only the same as the modest support. In the packaging, it is necessary to pay attention to materials, packaging, images, as well as binding, package specific methods.

From the design point of view, "package" is a certain material to wrap things, the basic purpose is to make things not easy to damage, facilitate transport. This is the field of practical science, a matter of opinion; This means that the wrapped things in a different way to stop the decoration, so that the package on the outside look more handsome. This is the aesthetic field, is a cultural point of view. The pure "packing" is to combine the two viewpoints rationally and effectively.

Places: Gifts need to be attentive to the place, especially in business activities, if the company's work to retire, on weekdays by some or the company to supply a unified gift, or each person to raise money to buy gifts. It is not a special reason that you should not give gifts alone, so as not to cause embarrassing situation.

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